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Set up is Friday before 3:00 p.m.
Booth must be taken down no later than 12:00 on Sunday.
Please provide your own tables/displays and make sure your area is left clean (trash       thrown etc.)
Food vendors must have appropriate permits - as inspectors will check.
Booth must be manned at all times; we are not responsible for lost/stolen items or           damaged property.
• Space is on a first come first serve basis. (your space is reserved upon receipt of vendor fee)   

•Food Vendor fee is $40.00. 
•Small Arts & Crafts Vendor fee $20.00. 
 Please make money order/check payable to Guadalupe County Fair and make sure to send it 1 week prior to Fair.

Mail fee to:  Guadalupe County Fair, 244 S. 4th Street ~ Suite 110, Santa Rosa, NM  88435, -  Attention: Fair Vendor

  Your space is reserved upon receipt of vendor fee.  No exceptions

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Vendors are important and a key aspect to having a successful fair.  
Thank you for your interest!
Guadalupe County Fair 2022
Santa Rosa, New Mexico                 August 4 - 7